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The Mummified Corpse Of A Young Girl In A Church Just BLINKED

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Depending on what religion you believe in — if any — there’s a lot of debate about whether there is an afterlife. Personally, I’m not sure what I believe…but it definitely doesn’t include what was just caught on camera in a Mexican church. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCBP_ATF’); }); Recently, a tourist at the Cathedral of Guadalajara […]


We Know When You’re Going To Get Married

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Now find out when you’re walking down the aisle. View this image › Universal Thinkstock Thinkstock Chocolate Thinkstock Strawberry Shortcake Thinkstock Red Velvet Thinkstock Cheesecake! Thinkstock It’s All About The Open Bar! Pillsbury Funfetti Thinkstock Jason Merritt / Getty Images Usher Toby Canham / Getty Images Neil Patrick Harris Kevin Winter / Getty Images Pitbull […]


When A Normal Wedding Takes An Insane Turn, You Get This. Watch Out At 40 Seconds In!

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Gary and Tracy Richardson said, “Whilst planning our wedding we knew we wanted something a bit different. Upholding tradition but with a modern twist.” And well, they definitely upheld tradition… at least for a little while. Check out the ‘twist’ they decided on. It seems like not everyone loved this. At 1:38, those two women […]


A Father Sang To His Daughter On Her Wedding Day… And The Result Was Epic.

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This father wanted to give his daughter a really special gift on her wedding day… and he came up with something awesome. As they walked down the aisle of the church on that beautiful day, hand in hand, he started singing Edwin McCain’s “Walk With You” to her. There wasn’t a single dry eye in […]


One Look Inside Of This Church And You’ll Be Headed For The Hills.

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St. George’s Church in the Czech Republic was in danger of closing until a local artist saved the day. He added something to the church that made it special. It wasn’t more holy water or statues. It was a haunting installation that played up the church’s reputation for being cursed. St. George’s Church was abandoned […]


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