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People waving American flags near Calif. high school called ‘racist’

, ,!/lonnyonline/status/463326861922037761 Today is Cinco de Mayo, and a display of American flags was organized near a high school in Morgan Hill, California, which was the site of controversy four years ago: The case began in 2010, when four boys wearing t-shirts bearing American flags on Cinco de Mayo, when the school was decked out in […]


Cinco de Mayo looks bleak for margarita lovers as #limeageddon looms

,!/danmoser1961/status/462237522911711232 Not only have Mexican lime farmers had to deal with bad weather and plant disease, but a drug cartel has discovered that hijacking lime shipments is pretty profitable. PolicyMic reports: Mother Nature had already been threatening Mexican limes for a while: A severe drought was followed by the spread of a bacterial disease (huanglongbing) that attacks citrus […]


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