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Is This The Sky… Or An Ocean? Either Way, You Won’t Be Able To Look Away.

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Storm chasers seem to have all the fun (if your version of fun is severe storms, being wet and getting your car wrecked by high winds). What storm chaser Alex Schueth recently captured in a time lapse video proves that it would be a pretty amazing job to have… Reddit Rolling over Lincoln, Nebraska this past July 7, these “undulatus […]


Imagine Looking Into The Sky And Seeing THIS. It Would Take Your Breath Away.

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During the autumn and winter months when the sun rises farther to the south, Mount Rainier, a stratovolcano near Tacoma, Washington, blocks the first rays of the Sun as it rises, casting an incredible shadow in the morning clouds, tinged in beautiful hues of orange and yellow. Mount Rainier is a massive volcanic peak located […]


These Photos Of The Arctic Circle Are Amazing, But They Could Spell Big Trouble

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If you live near the Arctic Circle, winter can be a dark, dull time of year (especially compared to the rest of the Northern Hemisphere). During the winter, the sun drops below the horizon, casting a dark shadow over the people there for weeks on end. It may seem dreary to some, but during that […]


You will love the ‘naked people’ on Patricia Heaton’s cloud [photos]

, , , , ,!/liberty_lil/status/506632391683997697 She really is. This is how Patricia Heaton responded to the celebrity nude photos kerfuffle:!/PatriciaHeaton/status/506619380092792832 “Naughty bits.” Oh, how we love you, Patricia, our long-lost sister. She then retweeted these hilarious tweets: But she busted out the winning tweet herself when she posted the “only naked people” on her cloud.!/PatriciaHeaton/status/506630190252822528 Love.!/tazachusetts08/status/506630807847706624 […]


Second data storage firm emerges with possible cloud backups of Hillary Clinton’s emails –

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In August, we learned that IT company Platte River Networks, which maintained Hillary Clinton’s private email server, likely had made a backup copy of the data. Tonight, McCatchy Newspapers is reporting that another IT company, the Connecticut-basedDatto Inc., was hired by Platte Riverto make a cloud-based backup of the server. Greg Gordon and Anita Kumar […]


What This Passenger Spotted In The Clouds Is Probably Normal, But It Creeps Me Out

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Flying high above the clouds, everyone loves looking down at the world below. There’s something moving about watching huge cities and towns become tiny specks on the map, but cloud cover eventually becomes too heavy to see anything. What this passenger saw in the clouds, however, is anything but majestic. Is that…a man standing down […]


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