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Yikes! Are Common Core curriculum grads already working at Walmart?

,!/Mustng959Welsh/status/435954060655484928 An old meme gets a new (and fitting) explanation from the conservative mom who brought us restaurant tip calculation with a Common Core twist:!/BooyahSuckaFoo/status/435953446311571456 If Walmart’s shoppers are Common Core grads, then Bargain City, baby! Related: How to calculate your waiter’s tip using Common Core math [pic] What is Common Core doing to America’s […]


Is Common Core good or bad for Colorado? Sen. Mark Udall says ‘yes’

, , , ,!/maryincolorado1/status/523545079114633217 That’s one way of having your cake and eating it too. Asked in a local TV interview if Common Core is good or bad for Colorado students, Democratic Sen. Mark Udall without hesitation answered with an unequivocal yes — the senator firmly believes that Common Core is good or bad for students. Watch the first […]


Tea Party president in Stop Common Core shirt denied access to Kasich event

, , , ,!/annbecker1999/status/521754241959211008 The president of the Cincinnati Tea Party says she was denied admittance to a get-out-the-vote campaign stop by Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich Monday night and threatened with arrest because she intended to ask a question about the governor’s support for Common Core. Tea partier @annbecker1999 ejected from @JohnKasich #ohgov rally. Disruptive, or just wearing anti […]


Gov. Bobby Jindal pulls support of Common Core at #RLC2014

, ,!/bccover/status/472170446604234753 Common Core didn’t have many backers at the Republican Leadership Conference Thursday. Gov. Bobby Jindal, a one-time supporter, was met with reportedly the most enthusiastic round of applause of the night when he declared that he now opposes Common Core. “I am for standards. I am for our kids learning,” Jindal told the audience. “I am […]


‘Huge’ crowd protests ‘ridiculous’ Common Core in Brooklyn [photos]

, ,!/monkeyminder/status/452103881237880833 President Obama won about 82% of the vote in Brooklyn in 2012, so this was probably just a bunch of right-wingers (and maybe a few white suburban moms?):!/katcreag4NY/status/452064903222685697!/katcreag4NY/status/452064218703872002!/katcreag4NY/status/452063813861253121 “Ambiguous” questions. We don’t doubt it: Dumb and dumber: Check out the latest silly Common Core math problem [pic] Kid misses Common Core math problems because he didn’t […]


See what this fed-up dad wrote on this Common Core math homework [photo]

,!/RBPundit/status/517318416253071360 Speaking of that, here is another absurd Common Core “math” assignment that sparked these notes from an utterly fed-up dad.   What my uncle wrote on my cousins homework that is on common core math😂 — Jess Gueli (@JessGueli) October 4, 2014 Ha! Hellish indeed. This common core stuff has me in tears […]


This shockingly stupid math problem is definitely worthy of Common Core [pic]

,!/Roger247/status/432622010573664256 Oh, fer cryin’ out loud … Check out this mathematical abomination from — where else? — a Common Core homework assignment: We feel for the third-graders subjected to that crap. A difference of 145 is reasonable? In what universe? That would explain so much. According to our calculations, homeschooling parents might […]


‘Awesome’: Louis C.K. smacks Newsweek’s sneering Common Core defender

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So awesome — Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) May 1, 2014 Comedian and dad Louis C.K. says he’s had enough of seeing his kids in tears over standardized tests and frustrating, nonsensical Common Core “educational standards.” Criticism of Common Core from a parent? Can’t have that! Enter Newsweek writer Alexander Nazaryan: Sorry, but I just don't […]


What is 2 x 6? In Common Core math, nobody is quite sure

Common core: the answer used to be 12! Now I have no idea what is wanted! @michellemalkin — Henry S. Olko (@Holko) September 23, 2014 As Twitchy has reported repeatedly, Common Core math eschews straightforward computation in favor of confusing “critical thinking” problems that make no sense to most adults, let alone to fourth graders. We think […]


Greg Gutfeld on Common Core math: ‘That’s the plot of ‘Silence of the Lambs”

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Hilarious Common Core segment w/ @TheFive's @greggutfeld! — Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) September 4, 2014 Twitchy has been following Common Core for a long time, documenting stories like the child who correctly answered Common Core math problems but was called out by the teacher for not using “friendly” numbers. Thursday on “The Five,” Greg Gutfeld presented a […]


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