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22 Companies That Should Really Consider Getting New Names

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Choosing a name for your new business can be a bit of a daunting task. The pressure of picking the right name can mean the difference between attracting a loyal clientele or becoming the laughing stock of your town. When brainstorming business names, your company may want to get creative and rely on puns or […]


People Say That They’re Finding Worms In Their Tea Bags…But Lipton Isn’t So Sure

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Lipton Tea is involved in a huge scandal right now that was caused by a YouTube video. A woman claims that she spotted strange worms in several tea bags. After she filmed herself opening a bag of tea and picking through the worms, the video quickly went viral. Representatives from Lipton have denied this claim […]


IRS’ contract with email backup company ended at a very ‘convenient’ time

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Oh! The IRS cancelled its contract with it's email backup provider right after the investigation started? How conveeeeeenient. #irsscandal — Al Raddatz (@Radditude1) June 22, 2014 Yesterday, Twitchy reported the tweet from 2009 in which server backup company Sonasoft bragged about the fact that it was responsible for securing the IRS’ servers. HOW CONVENIENT: IRS […]


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