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One Mom’s Take On School Theme Days Is Hilarious And Spot On

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It’s so hard for parents and children to get ready in the morning. Once you have a routine down, changes to that routine can really throw a wrench in the gears. Theme weeks at school can be especially time consuming, because not only do kids have to dress up in a specific way, but parents […]


David Draiman calls BS on Macklemore’s excuses for ‘anti-Semitic gimmick’

, , ,!/OandAshow/status/468698768506757121 Rapper Macklemore claims he wasn’t going for a “Jewish caricature” when he cobbled together the disguise that has accusations of anti-Semitism zipping around social media.!/macklemore/status/468593904913096704 He released a fauxpology blaming the media and just about everyone else for misunderstanding his oh-so-brilliant attempt at “random” ambiguity. As it turns out the fake noses they sell […]


They Might Look Like Two Normal Guys, But When You Find Out The Truth, You’ll Be Amazed

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Now that Halloween is over, it’s fun to recap everyone’s amazing costumes. Since the spooky holiday has come and gone, there’s no more competition involved. We just get to sit back and enjoy looking at the completely epic ideas that people came up with. This father-son costume might just be the best of the bunch. […]


Toddler’s Lion Impression Isn’t Exactly Fierce, But It Is Incredibly Cute

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Kids love to dress up like and imitate their favorite animals. Personally, I loved to act like a peppy dog. It’s an adorable phenomenon, and the videos that pop up online after Halloween each year are too cute to handle. The video below, which shows a little tyke pretending to be a lion, is one […]


This Paralympian Deserves the Gold Medal for His Epic Halloween Costumes.

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When Josh Sundquist was a child, he lost his leg to Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare bone bone cancer. Today, he is a member of the United States Paralympic Ski Team and Amputee Soccer team. Oh, and the wearer of some of the best Halloween costumes the world has ever seen. It seems like ever year, Sundquist […]


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