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Mia Farrow: Dick Cheney is ‘throwing shade’ when he ‘should be in prison’

, , ,!/AntheaButler/status/489064093505294336 Is “better” a synonym for “more ridiculous”?!/MiaFarrow/status/489053360856002560 Hey, Mia, if you want to get the former VP sent to prison, Code Pink can hook you up with an awesome protest costume.!/GideonResnick/status/488729772705345536 Related: ‘Makes me want to puke’: Code Pink disrupts Cheney family lunch event Related: Full Twitchy coverage of actress Mia Farrow […]


Ugly sculpture ‘raises awareness’ of gun violence and stuff [pics]

, , , , , , , , ,!/Jakehobart222/status/507247002368094209 Nothing raises awareness like 2000 pounds of ugly art unveiled before virtually no one.!/WAGV/status/507168254695976961 The sculpture was created from “illegal” guns obtained from a voluntary buy back. Jessica Mindich founder of “Raise the Caliber” organized the gun buy back to provide the material for artist Michael Kalish. According to Mindich said she worried […]


‘Seriously?’ Roll Call editor decries ‘unfair’ detention of Jose Antonio Vargas

, , , ,!/chelseagrunwald/status/489062150787186688 The news that illegal immigrant activist Jose Antonio Vargas has been detained at a Texas Border Patrol station is hitting some of his fellow “journalists” pretty hard. Roll Call’s editor in chief Christina Bellantoni is beside herself:!/cbellantoni/status/489059522250428417 Is that so?!/RockmanHalo/status/489061196864421889!/charlescwcooke/status/489060168223948800 Outrageous and “unfair,” apparently:!/TickedOffMic/status/489060903296307200!/HokieMBA00/status/489062740363726849 Bellantoni could use some perspective […]


Police arrest another Oklahoma man who threatened to behead co-worker

, , , ,!/RustyRootbeer/status/516356739629723648 Washington Times writer Jessica Chasmar reports that police on Friday arrested a fired nursing home worker and Muslim convert for allegedly threatening to behead a co-worker — the same day that Alton Nolen was identified as the suspect in a workplace beheading that took place less than 20 miles away. Chasmar writes: Jacob Mugambi […]


‘Octomom’ Nadya Suleman charged with welfare fraud; Mock shock ensues

, , , , ,!/GigiGraciette/status/422827148932423680 Nadya Suleman, perhaps better known to the world as “Octomom,” has been charged with felony welfare fraud in Los Angeles:!/moinedeisme/status/422834820008251392!/DanODradio/status/422826684102897664 From the Associated Press: A prosecution statement says she was charged on Jan. 6 with one count of aid by misrepresentation and two counts of perjury by false application. If convicted, she […]


Melissa Harris-Perry ripped for calling Oklahoma beheader a ‘gentleman’

, , , , ,!/FreitagT15/status/516289029823008771 MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry and her panel discussed the Oklahoma beheading in a very flippant manner. Perry even called the beheader a “gentleman” and argued that the heinous crime was “workplace violence.” @slone @mkmknani Melissa Harris-Perry of MSMBC called this disgusting maggot a "gentleman". Her panel rebukes claims of islam correlation. — Donna M Zampella (@DMZampella) […]


This wounded warrior puts media silence on beheading in brutal perspective

, ,!/NCgunoholic/status/515934585763291136 So do we. What was the tweet? This brutal perspective from a brave wounded warrior. Lets be honest. If a Tea Party member beheaded someone we'd have non-stop media coverage about how the entire group is a threat to society. — J.R. Salzman (@jrsalzman) September 27, 2014 Ding, ding, ding! Kudos once again, lapdogs. […]


‘He deserved to get shot:’ Hate flow after female Ferguson police officer shot

, , , , , ,

A cop was shot in #Ferguson? Wold's smallest fucking violin playing over here. Pig deserved it. #ACAB #FTP — Ⓐ #GrumpyCuntSec Ⓐ (@brazenqueer) September 28, 2014 As Twitchy reported tonight, a police officer in Ferguson, Missour, was shot tonight after another inflammatory night of protests. Cue the anti-cop schadenfreude in 3, 2, 1… #Ferguson pd […]


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