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‘The text does not limit it to Crimea’: Putin reportedly asks parliament to use military in all of Ukraine; Update: Parliament approves

, , , , , ,!/shaunwalker7/status/439763628242530304 The Associated Press sent out an alert suggesting that Vladimir Putin was seeking permission to use the military in “Crimea.”!/AP/status/439759537739149312 Surprise!!/BrianFaughnan/status/439766414942273537 Many are noting Putin’s “request” is for the use of Russian armed forces in all of Ukraine.!/maxseddon/status/439761425922543616!/michaeldweiss/status/439763341754793984 AP’s follow-up to its initial tweet:!/AP/status/439761429126991872 From the AP report: Putin […]


Crimea votes to secede; Obama reiterates committment to diplomatic resolution

, , , , ,!/Matthops82/status/445320361107009536 As expected, the vote in Crimea went overwhelmingly in favor of secession.!/CBSNews/status/445318653970776064 During a phone call at the request of the White House, President Obama told Vladimir Putin that the U.S. will not recognize the results as a referendum but remains committed to a diplomatic solution:!/markknoller/status/445328594349207553 “Additional costs”? Is the White House […]


Armed men storm journalists’ hotel in Crimea, claim ‘anti-terror exercise’

, , , , , , ,!/ysfsymn/status/444904110647943168 Photojournalist Yusuf Sayman says the Hotel Moskva in Simferpopl was stormed today by what he thought might be Russian special forces.!/ysfsymn/status/444905327369400321!/ysfsymn/status/444906739830652929!/ysfsymn/status/444914496289906689!/ysfsymn/status/444917186512314368!/ysfsymn/status/444918711502536705!/ysfsymn/status/444920877957001217 Channel 4 News international editor Lindsey Hilsum offered her account of the incident as well.!/lindseyhilsum/status/444905666730536960!/lindseyhilsum/status/444914796518195200!/lindseyhilsum/status/444917368532533248 False alarm?!/lindseyhilsum/status/444918896462921729!/lindseyhilsum/status/444920782293323776 Here’s the incident from two […]


Reports: Russia tells Ukraine to surrender in Crimea or ‘face storm’

, , ,!/SLushCCool/status/440517750335627266 Several international news outlets are tweeting that Russia has issued an ultimatum to Ukraine: Surrender in Crimea by 3am GMT or face a “storm.”!/julesmattsson/status/440516926994141184!/AutryWelch/status/440521452299616256!/BrainTurnedOff/status/440521907012521984 Bracing…!/HistoryNeedsYou/status/440479693075402752 And here’s the current scene at the military base in Perevalne, scene of the standoff Twitchy told you about this weekend.!/johnangier/status/440438938298503168 Previous Twitchy coverage […]


WaPo writer finds similarities between Putin’s words and Hitler’s

, , , , , , ,!/DanaPerino/status/446104269977292800 Russian President Vladimir Putin’s most recent speech justifying his actions in Crimea have one journalist finding striking resemblances to Adolf Hitler’s excuses for doing some annexing and invading himself:!/ChuckLane1/status/446095092320059392!/ChuckLane1/status/446095945735102465 This “mistake” by former Soviet Union leader Joseph Stalin caused the starvation of millions of Ukrainians in 1932 and 1933.!/ChuckLane1/status/446097172258643968!/ChuckLane1/status/446099176875892736!/ChuckLane1/status/446100701190832130!/ChuckLane1/status/446102658227920896!/ChuckLane1/status/446104937622437888 […]


Unidentified gunmen take control of airport in Crimea’s capital [photos]

, , , , , ,

An soldier patrolling #Crimea Simferopol Airport. I asked his if he's Russian or Ukrainian. No answer #Ukraine — James Mates (@jamesmatesitv) February 28, 2014 Tensions are escalating in Ukraine after armed men who may or may not be Russian took control of Simferopol International Airport in Crimea: Unidentified men in unmarked uniforms patrol Crimean airport […]


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