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‘Run for the hills’! Obama pledges to ‘improve the lives of the Cuban people’

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Last night it was reported that President Obama would be traveling to Cuba next month. Obama provided more details this morning: Uh oh, is Obama’s attempt to improve lives in Cuba going to involve some sort of “if you like it you can keep it” promise? Unfortunately the Cuban people probably won’t see Obama’s reassurance […]


Cuba sends Russia military support; White House gets a band

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As Twitchy reported earlier today, it wasn’t long between the raising of an American flag over a reactivated embassy in Cuba and news that Cuba was reportedly sending troops to Syria to assist Russiain fighting the troops that the United States hasbeen supporting. On top of that, Cuba is still demanding that the U.S. leaveGuantanamo […]


Cubans Can Now Get Netflix. Now All They Need Is An Internet Connection

The streaming video service announced today it was “delighted” to make its product available in Cuba. But with an estimated 5% of the Cuban population having access to the web, the country is unlikely to go on a national House of Cards binge just yet. View this image › JoJo Whilden/Netflix Netflix announced today that […]


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