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Ron Fournier rains ‘stubborn facts’ on 6 million Obamacare sign-ups party

, , , , ,!/pfeiffer44/status/449253684489498624 President Obama announced today that enrollment for Obamacare has topped the 6 million mark, and the White House is celebrating. Dan Pfeiffer calls it an “amazing comeback story,” but National Journal’s Ron Fournier is suggesting the administration not pop the champagne yet.!/JuddLegum/status/449254434158411776 That’s right. Wasn’t the goal 7 million at one time?!/jonfavs/status/449261447026311168 Wait a […]


Lapdogs, unite! Obama’s ‘team of merry manchildren’ mocks Romney Russia op-ed

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Look at this circle jerk.. @pfeiffer44 @TVietor08 @MarkHalperin The 80's called, fellas.. They want their Sit'n Spin back. — Sean Agnew (@seanagnew) March 18, 2014 Gross description, but accurate nonetheless. Seriously. Is there a better way to describe this sickening spectacle? Despite the fact that Mitt Romney was right about Russia all along, his op-ed […]


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