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You Might Think You Can Travel Anywhere, But These 5 Places Could Be Your Undoing

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Traveling to far-flung places all over the world is much easier now than it’s ever been before. With sites like Expedia and Hotwire, it’s simple to book a decent hotel and flight package for a great price, which means that the hardest thing about exploring is usually giving your boss enough notice. But with all […]


5 Health Risks You Encounter Every Day Without Even Realizing It

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When it comes to risk assessment, things like flights and camping trips typically come to mind. Although the news certainly hasn’t been helping in the flying-is-awful department, your mother has probably told you a million times that you’re more likely to die doing something routine (like driving, for example) than you are to die in […]


What This Dad Discovered Late One Night Is Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare

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If you have a child, you need to see what happened to this girl and her father. Back in 2015, a dad by the name of Tim LeBlanc was walking by his 12-year-old daughter’s room at 2 a.m. when he noticed something strange. Not only was she not there, but her window was cracked. Racing […]


The 12 Most Dangerous Animals In The World Are About To Melt Your Heart. Seem Weird? Just Look.

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Domesticated animals, our pets, bring so much joy to our lives. But even the most dangerous predators in the world can make us go “AWWWWW” from time to time (especially when they are babies) and put a smile on our face. Sharks, big cats and other carnivores are known for their ruthless nature and their viciousness. […]


You’ll Get Arrested Attempting This… Because It’s Clinically Insane. Just Watch And You’ll See Why.

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El Caminito del Rey or “The King’s Little Path” is often regarded as the most dangerous walkway in the world. This old walkway, now fallen into disrepair, is pinned along the steep walls of a narrow gorge in El Chorro, near Álora in the province of Málaga, Spain. The walkway was built between 1901 and […]


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