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Ha! What did William Shatner call this Texas Supreme Court justice?

, , ,!/dannygilliam/status/503348914842394625 Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett is evidently a “Star Trek” fan:!/JusticeWillett/status/503252783295115265 And he knows just how to get Captain Kirk’s attention:!/JusticeWillett/status/503279890280755200 That’s a pretty audacious statement. So, how did Shatner respond?!/WilliamShatner/status/503280162482315264 Ha!!/JusticeWillett/status/503348130147237888 Yeah, that’s undeniably awesome.!/Derradune/status/503348950166798336 We agree! *** Related: Texas Supreme Court justice expertly mocks Melissa Harris-Perry’s lame apology […]


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