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This Footage From The 1980s Is Absolutely Terrifying. What You’re About To See Is INSANE.

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This onboard footage from a rally race in the mid-80s shows spectators standing incredibly close to the road, only just leaping out of the way as driver Walter Röhrl comes screaming past at scary speeds in his Audi Sport Quattro S1. In the 1980s de-regulation in some European countries opened the way for these crazy […]


Footage Captures A Cop Saving A Man Who’s Wheelchair Got Stuck During A Storm.

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When push comes to shove, it would seem that Fort Meyers, Florida, officer Gil Benitez is happy to do more pushing. Officer Benitez is being hailed a hero after he went above and beyond his duty to rescue a wheelchair-bound man who got stuck during an intense storm. The whole thing was captured by a […]


Scary Tornado Tears A Man’s Garage Down Seconds After He Reverses Out Of It.

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“I’ll just pull back into the garage…Oh, never mind!” is probably what went through this Russian man’s mind a few seconds after he had reversed out of his garage only to be greeted by a massive tornado. The tornado was so powerful, it tore down his garage in a matter of seconds. The whole thing […]


This Has Got To Be The Most Hilariously Random Road Rage Incident Ever. For Real.

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Video cameras placed on the dashboard of cars, know as Dashcams, are really widespread in Russia as a form of sousveillance. This is when “the recording of an activity by a participant in the activity,” meaning a person willingly records themselves with a small camera. It’s used as additional evidence in court and as a guard against insurance […]


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