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‘Another major Obama victory!’ Ayatollah Khamenei bans further negotiations with US –

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Let’s check in with how things are progressing with the Obama administration’s “deal partner” Iran: Wow, those negotiations deescalated quickly. You know it! Iran’s sales policy has been made clear: Read more:


David Frum: People who want to carry are the last who should be allowed

, ,!/kesgardner/status/434883921214328832 Laugh or cry? Take your pick. It’s just a hypothesis, mind you, but David Frum wonders if those who most want to carry a gun are the last who should be allowed to.!/Xxessw/status/434886331248803840!/hale_razor/status/434878345021378560 Here are a few more hypotheses worth considering.!/LilacSundayBlog/status/434884988245254144!/ericspratling/status/434884862231584768 Bob Owens, editor of, has a few hypotheses […]


Google search fail sparks hilarious ‘David Frum Searches the Interweb’ mockery

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#DavidFrumSearchesTheInterweb: “long quote-contstrained phrases” “which have never been uttered” “yielding 0 hits” “means….?” @davidfrum — TRUMP IS A STATIST (@choosingfreedom) January 31, 2014 As we posted earlier, David Frum’s method for Google searching how many Fox News personalities they had let go for “offensive” comments left something to be desired. Twitter user @ChoosingFreedom has really […]


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