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St. Louis treasurer ‘has back’ of Benghazi-mocking Mo. lawmaker, plays victim

, , , , ,!/TheMorningSpew/status/464079875544842240 Yes, yes she does.!/ConserveSenior/status/464081568320192513 Take a gander at the treasurer of St. Louis’ tweet to Missouri State Rep. Stacey Newman after Sicko Newman treated four dead Americans as a punchline:!/tishaura/status/463862359027486721 Unreal. Stay classy, “roomie”!!/madog11tech/status/464078977041063940!/nkslider/status/464097131234476032!/heatherrc77/status/464087207217610752!/IQgirl4Freedom/status/464090859336527872 Twin tools.!/Sporty1546/status/464094907196379136!/EEElverhoy/status/463892828926377984 Heartbreaking. Of course, true to Democrat form, she is the […]


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