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‘Y’all are so hip!’ HHS’ desperate, mock-worthy doge tweet ‘kills a meme’

, , ,!/CalebHowe/status/438714655557828608 To paraphrase a Facebook user commenting on HHS’ latest youth outreach attempt, “Much desperate. Very pander. Wow.”!/HHSGov/status/438709462094708736 A doge meme. From the Department of Health and Human Services. Many lame.!/redsteeze/status/438713041367351296!/RBPundit/status/438711745230962689 And that’s after millions of premium increases and canceled insurance policies. This aggression will not stand.!/emzanotti/status/438716562892001280!/chuck_dizzle/status/438717156423782400!/bccohan/status/438713177493471232!/jasonahart/status/438716503181889537!/SaintRPh/status/438719755612987393 […]


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