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Pushback: Source says Comey agreed to Loretta Lynch’s request to be consistent, refer to email ‘matter’

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Hillary Clinton was giving a commencement in Brooklyn Thursday, but that doesn’t mean she was entirely absent from the James Comey circus. As Twitchy reported, Comeytold Senators thatBill Clinton’s “chance” meeting with former Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the tarmac in Arizona is what led Comeyto make thatpublic statement on the FBI’s findings into her […]


‘Even the NRA likes’ Obama’s pick to head the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division?

, , , , , , , , ,!/CivilRights/status/522460408033312768 Meet Vanita Gupta, the woman tapped by President Obama to take over the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division. From NBC News: President Obama has appointed Vanita Gupta, the deputy legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union, to become the interim head of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. “Vanita has spent her […]


‘Never seen anything like this’: Are Holder, DOJ openly defying Utah on same-sex marriage?

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@redsteeze @hale_razor This action is the def of a "Constitutional crisis." The branches of gov are no longer able to check each other. — J.J. Br√§dt (@Diddley_Squat) January 10, 2014 Editor’s note: The title of this post originally read “‘Never seen anything like this’: Are Holder, DOJ openly defying Utah same-sex marriage ruling?”. The title and […]


DOJ obstructs, impedes IRS targeting investigation; Issa subpeonas

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so #obama is still obstructing @DarrellIssa great #irs #DOJ #benghazi #p2 #tcot — ChampionoftheTissue (@FJ473) May 20, 2014 Somebody fetch Elijah Cummings’ antacids. Congressman Darrell Issa took to social media to document the DOJ’s refusal to cooperate with the investigation into the IRS targeting groups based on partisan politics. The most transparent administration in history is […]


Report on Michael Brown’s autopsy trends; Dorian Johnson account questioned

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BREAKING: autopsy shows Michael Brown was shot 6 times in front, none in back — John Galt (@JohnGGalt) August 18, 2014 The narratives, they are a changin’. The New York Times published a story tonight detailing the autopsy of Ferguson, Missouri, teen Michael Brown. Things are not as they had appeared in the immediate […]


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