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She Was Taking Her New Kitten Home When She Had To Pull Over For A Hilarious Reason

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When you bring a new pet into your life, there’s always a bit of uncertainty that comes along with the decision. Will the two of you get along? Will your new friend adjust to its surroundings? But there’s usually a moment that lets you know that you’ve made the right choice. Puppies express happiness and […]


These Helpful Tips Will Make Your Next Road Trip That Much More Awesome.

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Taking a road trip is a big investment. You have to load your car with belongings, clothes, food, water, and the rest. Plus, the price of gas isn’t getting any cheaper any time soon. What do you do if you want to take a road trip and want to keep costs low, stay safe, and […]


This Video Will Chill You To The Bone. Remember It Next Time You Reach For Your Keys.

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In a bone startling new public service announcement about the string of consequences that result from drunk driving, you’re going to witness a parent’s worst nightmare. It’s the exact story we hear from our mom’s and dad’s, and the very reason why they always offer to drive us home no matter the time or place. […]


Watching This Person Try To Parallel Park Is A Nightmare. Please Take Their License.

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Watching this video will immediately bring two questions to mind: “How did this person become a licensed driver?” and “Really?” (repeated throughout). In this miserable motorist’s defense, parallel parking is a lot more difficult than, say, driving down the open highway, but, you know what? Nothing can defend this ludicrous display of poor parking. Unless […]


They Told This 98 Year Old Woman She Was Too Old. What She Did In Return SHOCKED Them.

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A 98 year old woman named Evelyn lost her license – not because of any accidents, but because of her age. Unfortunately, the public bus route was also canceled, making it impossible for her to get from her retirement home to the grocery store. So, she had enough and took matters into her own hands. Check […]


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