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It Looks Like Someone Just Caught Footage Of Bigfoot Via Drone

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Is Bigfoot real? You’d think that after all these years of searching, we would be a little closer to a real answer, but that’s just not the case. If this new drone footage is to be believed, however, we might be closer than ever to getting some answers about this mysterious cryptid. Earlier this month, […]


The Shipment That Showed Up On This Student’s Doorstep Is INSANE. Seriously, WHAT?

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In the past year, Amazon announced that they were testing out a drone delivery system. Most people thought that meant Amazon would be delivering orders using drones… but maybe that meant something entirely different for delivery companies. One morning, a huge box showed up on this guy’s doorstep. It was a drone delivery from the UPS. However, […]


When This Drone Flew Over The Ocean, It Found The Only Two People In The World

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While weddings themselves are very much about people’s tribes in their entirety, a relationship that culminates in such a celebration starts with two. Two people meet. Two people test the waters and take the plunge. They fumble through awkward dates until struggling with a plate full of pasta goes from embarrassing to endearing. They meet […]


Burning Man Looks Even Cooler From the Sky

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Burning Man is an art festival and temporary community held annually in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, and is attended by some 70,000 people each year. With such an attendance and a focus on the arts, the festival has been extensively documented in photos and video.  This year’s fest, though, saw a newcomer to the documentation scene: […]


Man Got Arrested For Illegally Filming This Footage Of Beijing With A Drone.

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“It’s easier to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission” is probably what videographer Trey Ratcliff was thinking when he shot this incredible footage of Beijing using a quadcopter and a Go-Pro video camera, footage that ended up getting him detained by police. After he flew the camera drone too close to the famous Forbidden City […]


Break Out Your Checkbook. You’re Going To Want To Invest In This Drone Company.

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It’s a nightmare scenario: You’re sitting at your favorite restaurant surrounded by friends and family. It’s your birthday and the drinks are flowing. Everyone’s having a killer time. All of a sudden, your heart starts to give out. And it hits you with a pain unlike anything you’ve felt before. You’re having a heart attack. […]


Stop What You’re Doing. Some Guy Strapped A GoPro Camera On A Drone And Flew It Into A Fireworks Show.

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Hooking a GoPro camera to a quadcopter “drone” is all the rage in aerial filmography these days, and this video shows you why. GoPro gives some amazing new perspectives of things that you wouldn’t want to capture from a helicopter. Watch as one man sends his drone through a fireworks show, capturing some stunning footage, all set […]


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