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This Little Girl Will Blow You Away With Her Mad Drumming Skills

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As a five-year-old, you were probably running around in the backyard, causing mayhem with friends, and all-around enjoying your freedom before the weight of extra-curricular activities and homework took over your afternoons. Eduarda Henklein, who’s now six, likes everything you probably did as a kid. But there’s one big difference…she can take any pro drummer […]


A 3 Year-Old Was Able To Play The Drums With An Orchestra. He Was Epic.

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Whatever you were doing as a 3 year-old, we promise it didn’t even compare to this kid’s talent. Little Lyonya Shilovskya, a Russian boy, took the stage recently to play drums alongside an orchestra. He performed Offenbach’s “Orpheus in the Underworld,” accompanied by a full orchestra and spellbound audience. He was a little timid when he […]


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