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This Little Girl Will Blow You Away With Her Mad Drumming Skills

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As a five-year-old, you were probably running around in the backyard, causing mayhem with friends, and all-around enjoying your freedom before the weight of extra-curricular activities and homework took over your afternoons. Eduarda Henklein, who’s now six, likes everything you probably did as a kid. But there’s one big difference…she can take any pro drummer […]


A 3 Year-Old Was Able To Play The Drums With An Orchestra. He Was Epic.

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Whatever you were doing as a 3 year-old, we promise it didn’t even compare to this kid’s talent. Little Lyonya Shilovskya, a Russian boy, took the stage recently to play drums alongside an orchestra. He performed Offenbach’s “Orpheus in the Underworld,” accompanied by a full orchestra and spellbound audience. He was a little timid when he […]


This Boston Terrier Has Had Enough Of His Owner’s Drumming… So He Did This.

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Everyone’s a critic, and that goes for Max the cute little Boston Terrier too. He’s totally had more than enough of his owner’s constant drumming, so much so that he decided to take matters into his own hands…well, mouth. Take that, little drummer boy. From now on Max makes the rules in the house! (Source: Ross […]


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