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‘Let’s go break some windows!’ Matt Yglesias applies his economic know-how to Syria

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Man. Twitter is crawling with hot takes today. You’ve got Sally Kohn, and then you’ve got … this: Wow. We’re gonna need some time to process that one. We’ve been wondering that for years. Those faces just say it all, don’t they? Read more:


A Fight Broke Out Between 6 Bulldozers, And It’s About As Awesome As You’d Think

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When two competing construction companies in China tried to settle a dispute over a job, instead of being civil, they opted for the “let’s take things outside” route… While that might sound pretty harmless too, things escalated quickly…because they were using their bulldozers instead of their fists. The result is pretty much what would happen […]


Phase 3: Profit! @BarackObama reveals sure-fire way to jump-start the economy

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Happy story time with the President of the United States. — John Ekdahl (@JohnEkdahl) December 4, 2013 Yay! Gather ’round, everyone, for The Lightbringer has decided to reveal the secret to a booming economy! Fortunately for us rubes, his OFA flunkies have summed it all up in one handy graphic: Here's how to improve […]


I Take A Drug Created 20 Years Ago. It's Nearly Free. Here's Why Drug Companies Don’t Like That.

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I get it — drug companies need to make some kind of profit. But when they’re deliberately altering their own drugs a little bit every two decades so they can rake in even more profits, especially in countries where precious few can afford the higher prices? Aww nawww. Read more:


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