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Watching Videos Of Bouncing Deer Is The Comic Relief You Never Knew You Needed

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It wasn’t until BBC South Today posted this video that I truly understood the joy that comes with watching deer do deer stuff. While hanging out on the shore of southern England’s Poole Harbour, one lucky gent by the name of Dave Mott captured the most endearing footage ever of a little sika deer living […]


17 Parents Who Can Expect Lawsuits From Their Kids Later In Life

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Even before the dawn of social media, parents have always had a propensity for laying the embarrassment on thick. They love photo albums. They love sharing those photo albums with anyone who will look. They love showing them off before their kids’ first dates and slapping photos on big posters at graduation parties. It’s so […]


11 People Who Had Absolutely No Idea They Were Being Filmed…Until It Was Too Late

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Sometimes, you just end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe that means getting caught in a massive traffic jam, barely missing the last running train, or (if you’re like these people) being very unexpectedly caught on a live television broadcast. 1. “If I freeze, it’ll be like this never happened.” Reddit/ […]


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