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These 21 DIY Fails Will Have You Reconsidering Your Next At-Home Project

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googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); DIY isn’t rocket science, and yet I still fail miserably at any and all crafts. I can’t cook. I can’t sew. Heck, I can barely color within the lines. To call myself anything close to a do-it-yourselfer would be blasphemous. So to save you the torture of having to witness my […]


These 38 People Failed In Epically Painful Fashion. I Shouldn’t But I Laughed So Hard… LOL.

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Each and every one of us are going to make some pretty embarrassing mistakes in life. We all know that none of us are perfect, but that doesn’t make it any less mortifying when it happens. However, there is one way to make yourself feel better after massively failing at something… Just remind yourself of how bad it could have […]


24 People Who Really, Really Don’t Know How To Park Their Cars

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Let’s face it — we’ve all executed bad parking jobs at one point or another. I admit that I’ve parked a little over the line sometimes, but there’s a big difference between a slight misalignment and blatant idiocy. For example, I’ve had my driveway completely blocked by someone who decided that finding a spot anywhere […]


16 People Who Have Absolutely No Idea How To Handle Themselves On Planes

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Next time you’re complaining about your middle seat in coach, remember that you’re better off than these people. There are so many things that people should never do on planes, but that doesn’t stop passengers from ruining the experience of every single person around them. Whether they take their shoes off or talk incessantly, these […]


Fails That Not Only Hurt People’s Pride, But Definitely Their Bodies Too

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Martial artist and founder of aikido Morihei Ueshiba once said, “Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something.” We’ve all failed spectacularly in our lives — it’s what makes us human. But we can only imagine that these people learned not to ever fail in front of a camera again…well, that and […]


Next Time You Think You’re Having A Bad Day, Look At These 22 People. Theirs Are Way Worse.

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When you’re having a bad day, there are very few things that can legitimately cheer you up. A promotion, someone asking you out, winning the lottery or running into your favorite celebrity would all do the trick… but it’s unlikely that those things will happen. So, you might just have to settle on making sure […]


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