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‘Just sick’: Obama says it’s Congress’ fault he has to resort to executive action

, , , , , , ,!/BiasedGirl/status/483689994813317120 Poor Obama. It’s just not easy being him. POTUS ventured into the Rose Garden this afternoon to reiterate the importance of passing immigration reform and castigate those pesky congressional Republicans for failing to make it happen. Just pass that “darn bill” already!!/ZekeJMiller/status/483690767169646592!/elisefoley/status/483690872823758848 Serious, you guys. Because if there’s one thing Obama hates, […]


President’s tears short out PolitiFact’s Truth-O-Meter

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President Obama covered a lot of ground today during his announcement of new executive actions which he believes willreduce gun violence in America, even if some of those steps already exist as law. One of the president’s claims today that drew the attention of PolitiFact was his statement that “aviolent felon can buy [a gun] […]


President Obama adds ‘immigration rights’ to Labor Day speech

, , , , , ,!/ZekeJMiller/status/506522607156736001 Time’s Zeke Miller noted that during a Labor Day address Monday in Milwaukee, Wisc., President Obama added “immigration rights” to a list that includes women’s rights, workers’ rights, civil rights, voting rights, and gay rights.!/ZekeJMiller/status/506522796919631872!/conncarroll/status/506525184074186752!/lamblock/status/506526114659840000!/beingJayne/status/506527165832499200!/lorihoeksema/status/506526761891688448!/DRussell76/status/506523611965173761!/yo60640/status/506527195230396416!/cindykilkenny/status/506528130535018496!/StarCoreOne02/status/506526168729018369     Read more:


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