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‘That’s embarrassing’! Is Jonathan Chait angling for a job at Vox?

, , , ,!/randOmouz/status/522031800294449155 Vox’s head genius Ezra Klein recently announced his support for California’s problematic new “Yes Means Yes” law: Wooooowwwww RT @Nero: I cannot believe @ezraklein actually wrote this. Speechless. — Brandon Morse (@TheBrandonMorse) October 14, 2014 And New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait is pretty darn disappointed about that: The liberal response to campus rape has taken […]


Matt Yglesias’ debt tutorial and claim US ‘can’t run out of money’ shredded

, , , ,!/JohnEkdahl/status/448953727102509057 Fear not, America, because Matt Yglesias, now executive editor of Ezra Klein’s, claims the U.S. debt isn’t that much, and the government can’t run out of money anyway because it can just print more:!/mattyglesias/status/448902356051451904 Hack-tastic! At the start of the video, a graphic states that the U.S. debt held by the public […]


Ezra Klein floats weakest global warming analogy ever?

, , ,!/RyanLGustafson/status/420413601216598016 The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein does have a point. This week’s cold snap doesn’t by itself disprove global warming. We just wonder where Klein has been every time someone blames global warming for any day it’s hotter than usual out.!/rudymcilvai/status/420413762924208128!/tonypetrovsky86/status/420411941773778944!/deans_/status/420415368029827072!/DrewMTips/status/420412197085249537!/JustinMcAleer/status/420412554100617217!/DubeJohnr/status/420415258386128896!/ctsotsoros/status/420413085036208128!/StephenMaxner/status/420413233871081472 It seems the science is settled […]


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