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Adorable Cows Jump For Joy After Seeing Grass For The First Time In 6 Months

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This 1,500-Pound Ox Loves To Be Snuggled, But His Story Might Make You Cry

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Most people are under the impression that farm animals aren’t as cuddly or emotional as our house pets. But those who work and volunteer on farms know that couldn’t be further from the truth. Take Bhima. He’s a 1,500-pound ox who was rescued by SASHA Farm. Each animal at the sanctuary has a sad story […]


Most People Train Dogs, But This Little Girl Was Able To Teach A Different Pet Such A Cool Trick

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Confession: I have always wanted a pet chicken. I even wrote about it in an essay for my high school French class. I decided that I would one day have a poulet of my own named Sadie. Sadly, that dream has yet to come true. In the meantime, I’ll just keep watching this impressive cutie […]


These Are By Far The Best Family Portraits Ever. And There’s Not A Single Human In Them.

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Farm animals get the high fashion photo treatment in Brooklyn based photographer Rob MacInnis’ series, “Farm Family.” The incredible photos are staged to mirror the likes of Annie Leibovitz and could easily fill the pages of Vogue, Rolling Stone or Vanity Fair. Except for the fact that they’re all cows, sheep and various other barnyard animals. […]


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