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‘Where do I turn my guns in?’ This cartoon will TOTES change your mind about gun control [pic]

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Oh yeah. It doesn’t get any sadder than this: Wow.That is, like, so deep. How do we even begin to navigate something so incredibly profound? But more than anything, we should be thanking the gun control brigade for showing us the error of our horrible, Second Amendment-respecting ways. Read more:


Respect: Milwaukee police recover flag burned by protester

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Of course there were protests and marches outside of Tuesday night’s GOP debate in Milwaukee, withagitators ranging from a pro-Palestine contingent to Fight for $15 to Black Lives Matter to the “Hands off my uterus” crowd. This protester couldn’t even wait for it to get properly dark out before setting the American flag on fire. […]


Here Are 22 Things You’ve Never Thought Of… Yet They Make So Much Sense After You See Them.

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Have you ever been day-dreaming and came up with a random thought about something obvious, yet you never thought about it before? Well, there’s an entire section of the Internet dedicated to people posting their random thoughts, ideas, and reflections. Below is a compilation of the most profound, ridiculous, hilarious, or otherwise share-worthy thoughts random […]


Arkansas’ former first lady: Miss. state flag is ‘symbol of hate’

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Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton today praised the University of Mississippi for taking down the state flag with its Confederate emblem, which she now calls a “symbol of hate.” CNN reports that the NAACP“was in the process of organizing a march in two weeks to pressure the university administration to take down the flag immediately” but […]


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