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Forget the death glare: Check out what furious FLOTUS did to Obama [pics]

, ,!/deelzebubb/status/410462835840258049 Hell hath no fury …!/LilMissRightie/status/410470585332805634 Time for a seat swap after President Obama’s cozy funeral selfie with Denmark’s Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt? Looks that way.!/Melissa01SA/status/410475057149132802 Ouch!!/kyle_rogers76/status/410464932933541889!/heartiste/status/410446545851412481!/PrinceBama/status/410455946083979264!/RightWingNerd/status/410459913194717184 Read more:


‘Let them wear Spanx!’ Fashionistas gush over FLOTUS at WH design workshop

, , , , ,!/NoahCRothman/status/519914465526296576 First Lady Michelle Obama hosted a “fashion education” event at the White House today: Watch live: The First Lady encourages students at the #FashionEdu Workshop to #ReachHigher for a college degree → — The First Lady (@FLOTUS) October 8, 2014 "In these dresses…we see the incredible promise that lies within our next generation." […]


Meme-tastic! ‘That moment’ when FLOTUS’ furious selfie face scores [pics]

, , ,!/captainstefanie/status/410657998525059072 Ask and ye shall receive! Again.!/PragueArtist/status/410473311588474880 Wiping tears! Another one enters the mix:!/valkri13/status/410928819915067392 Our sides are aching. Period! What else can one do to escape the embarrassment that is President Funeral Selfie?!/Carolina_Girl3/status/410539670489952257 Oh the shame. Related: ‘I literally LOL’d!’ What was Jimmy Fallon’s Furious FLOTUS, funeral selfie prediction? ‘Ask and ye shall […]


‘No more, Mrs. Obama’: Fed-up Texas kids send FLOTUS a school lunch message [pics]

, , , ,!/TyCaskey/status/454821461580972032 Hungry students around the country have had it with meager, unpalatable school lunches. They’re flooding social media with photos of their unfortunate cafeteria trays and letting Michelle Obama know that they hold her responsible for “ruining lunch” with the Healthy, Hunger-free Kids Act. Turning Point USA is a student organization “fighting for fiscal responsibility, […]


for veterans

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“Thank you for your leadership.” —FLOTUS on @LAMayorsOffice commiting to end veteran homelessness. #United4Vets — The First Lady (@FLOTUS) July 16, 2014 Today, Michelle Obama gave the keynote address at the Unite for Veterans Summit in L.A.. Happening now: The First Lady speaks on the importance of helping vets transition into civilian life → […]


Smooth move! FLOTUS’ O-care pitch: ‘Young people are knuckleheads’ [video]

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FLOTUS on ACA: Young people think they're invincible, but "the truth is they're knuckleheads" – cut fingers while cooking, etc. — Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) February 21, 2014 Hey, when FLOTUS said “Let’s Move!” she didn’t say the moves had to be smooth. Michelle Obama: 'Young People Are Knuckleheads;' They Need Obamacare… — DRUDGE REPORT […]


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