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Rick Perry addresses Fort Hood soldiers headed to Africa [photos]

, , , , , ,!/GrantHermesTV/status/520250729442078721 Texas Gov. Rick Perry visited with U.S. Army soldiers at Fort Hood who are being deployed to West Africa to provide support for efforts to prevent the spread of Ebola: [email protected] briefed on aid that US Ft. Hood troops will provide in W. Africa for support of #Ebola containment. — Office of Gov […]


‘Not sure what I did wrong’: Pentagon press sec. screws up Fort Hood tweet

, ,!/GabeSehr/status/451561282840170496 Wrong link, indeed. Pentagon press secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby meant to share a link to Secretary of Defense Hagel’s statement about Wednesday’s shooting at Fort Hood. An apparent copy/paste snafu resulted in an unfortunate link to Duffel Blog, a military satire site.!/PentagonPresSec/status/451561707370840065 It happens to the best of us. But perhaps not […]


Gun grabbers attack Sarah Palin for wanting Fort Hood soldiers armed

, , ,!/DoomsdayChrist/status/451749333059137536 Sarah Palin was among the many people mourning yesterday’s tragic shooting at Fort Hood, which left four people dead. And this morning, she suggested that allowing the soldiers to carry arms may have helped potential victims defend themselves:!/SarahPalinUSA/status/451747573821222913 How dare she advocate on soldiers’ behalf!!/JohnBudge/status/451748560166744064!/dankmtl/status/451748150811062273 Except this isn’t about politics. This is about […]


This Veteran Never Imagined He Would Be Doing This Again… But He Did. And It’s Amazing.

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Last Wednesday, tragedy struck in Fort Hood, Texas. An Army Specialist by the name of Ivan Lopez went on the shooting rampage. (It’s possible that it was a result of his request for temporary leave after his mother’s passing being rejected.) He began shooting at the intersection of 72nd Street and Tank Destroyer Boulevard on the Army […]


MJ Rosenberg uses Fort Hood murders to attack Andrew Breitbart; Deletes tweets

, , ,!/MelissaTweets/status/451522721021566976 MJ Rosenberg, anti-Semite former Media Matters writer, ex Democrat staffer and current HuffPo blogger, used Wednesday’s Fort Hood murders as a disgusting opportunity to attack the late Andrew Breitbart. The first tweet Rosenberg deleted reveals his continued flat-out hate for Breitbart (screen shot via Gateway Pundit): The tweet’s subsequent disappearance was noticed:!/buddylovejr/status/451531529177415681 Ah, […]


Obama attends lavish fundraisers following Fort Hood memorial [pics]

, , , ,!/JammieWF/status/454039390248247296 After the Fort Hood attacker killed three service members before taking his own life, President Obama continued raising money at Chicago fundraisers. Today, Obama delivered an address at the memorial service, and then was off to two more fundraisers. One of the fundraisers, where Nancy Pelosi is also slated to make an appearance, is […]


Campaigner in chief continues fundraising tour after heinous Fort Hood attack

, ,!/Sleepyjoe55/status/451547941032185856 Certain tragedy was averted today as the campaigner in chief almost had not one, but two, of his precious DNC fundraisers endangered. Have no fear, citizens — President Obama was able to beat back his official obligations and pressed on to hang with his wealthy one-percenter friends!!/nedrapickler/status/451506991652159488!/nedrapickler/status/451509564517937152!/nedrapickler/status/451510583821484032!/nedrapickler/status/451519585745784832 President Priorities.!/liars_never_win/status/451521123155324928 […]


Note at hospital treating Fort Hood wounded sends touching message [pic]

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Found in the lobby at Temple Memorial Hospital #FortHood #salute — Scott & White (@swhealthcare) April 4, 2014 Temple Memorial Hospital in Temple, Texas has been treating victims of the shootings at Fort Hood, which is where this touching letter to those who serve was spotted. Couldn't have said it better myself. [email protected] Found […]


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