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Which Secondary Character From “The Simpsons” Are You?

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Worst quiz ever. Fox NBC / Via Paunch Burger Nickelodeon / Via Good Burger Miramax / Via Big Kahuna Burger Nickelodeon / Via The Krusty Krab Nickelodeon / Via Honker Burger Fox / Via Bob’s Burgers Fox / Via Krusty Burger Comedy Central / Via Cartman Burger […]


Media Matters won? Fox News outpaces CNN, HLN, MSNBC combined

, , , ,!/JasonBWhitman/status/412738153754021888 It seems like it was only Friday when Media Matters for America declared the “war on Fox” over, with MMFA victorious. There were so many “HAs” it broke Twitchy’s formatting, but Fox News seems to be doing just fine.!/kevlmar/status/412780577805582338!/MSmith1916/status/412760970898186240!/jddickson/status/412764713643040768 Related: Eric Boehlert’s ‘proof’ Media Matters won war against Fox News gets […]


Candidate takes his ‘war on Fox News’ to Greta Van Susteren [video]

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Said it proudly! Want to decimate the tea party, the NRA, bible thumpers, and Fox News zombies? Vote for me — Vote Mike D 2015 (@VoteMike2014) April 9, 2014 It’s a tall order, but Democrat Mike Dickinson isn’t only hoping to take Rep. Eric Cantor’s seat in the House; he’s also declared war on the Tea […]


Kind Man Dressed In His Bathrobe Helps A Wildlife Rescuer Save An Injured Fox.

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Simon from the Wildlife Aid Foundation was called out late one evening to save an injured fox hiding in the bushes. A man dressed in his bathrobe found the poor fox curled up under a hedge and called for help. The fox was weak due to a wounded back leg, but the gentleman fed the poor […]


This Baby Fox Was In Deep Trouble, Until A Helpful Man Showed Up To Free Him.

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This poor fox cub somehow became severely tangled in a soccer net. He was so badly entwined in the ropes, he almost strangled himself. Luckily, Simon from Wildlife Aid Foundation stepped in. The rescue was tense, but by the end of it you’ll be so happy: (Source: Wildlife Aid) Remember, things like this can be easily […]


He Found Two Holes Coming Into His Backyard. Then He Turned Around And… LOL!

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A Reddit user recently woke up to find evidence of some strange visitors in their backyard: a couple of fantastic foxes that dug their way in overnight. And the nocturnal trespassers took advantage of the slumbering homeowners to have some fun on the trampoline before the sunrise. First the owners discovered two holes dug under their fence… Imgur […]


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