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15 Times Bill Nye And Neil DeGrasse Tyson Were The Definition Of Friendship

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Their love transcends space and time. 1. When Neil needed someone to lean on and Bill was right there for him. Neil and Bill are highly evolved men, unafraid to show their emotions. 2. When Bill explained what he and Neil do when they hang out. View this image › NBC / Literally […]


A Loving Cat Helps His Best Friend, A Blind And Partially Deaf Dog, Get Around.

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True friendship knows no barriers, it knows no boundaries. A true friend is always there for you, and that is certainly true for this pair of unusual BFFs. Trevel is an old farm dog that is blind and partially deaf. He was afraid to leave the safety of his bed due to having been abused […]


Homecoming Queen Gives Her Crown To A Friend After A Cruel Prank By Bullies.

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High school kids can be cruel to one another, especially around events like homecoming and prom. Recently, a group of mean girls at Grand Prairie High School in Grand Prairie, Texas pulled a prank on 17-year-old Lillian ‘Lily’ Skinner by leading her to believe she was a nominee for homecoming queen. Lily’s bullies were in […]


This Baby Owl And Pretty Cat Have The Cutest Odd Couple Friendship Ever.

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Brazillian biologist André Costa sometimes brings his work home with him (when you see what that work is, you’ll understand why). The animal lover brought together two animals who we usually assume to be natural enemies and instead discovered an unlikely friendship. Cleo and Forbi, a cat and owl, are nothing like their Sylvester and Tweety Bird predecessors.  […]


Adorable Friendship Between Elephant and Dog Who Love Playing in the Water

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This is one of the most adorable animal friendships that we’ve seen in a long time. Bubbles the African elephant and Bella the black Labrador, both residents at the Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina, have become the best of friends, and can often be seen playing in the water together. Pictures have been published […]


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