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This Adorable Baby Gorilla Is Ready To Be King Of The Jungle…Or Not?

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Simba better look out, because there’s a new king in town. While trying to shoo off some pesky bugs, this adorable baby gorilla learned a valuable lesson about pounding his chest. While it might seem like this sort of thing comes naturally to his species, the following footage proves that there’s a slight learning curve. […]


It Must Have Taken Months Of Practice To Train These Kittens To Do This. SO CUTE.

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If there is one thing the internet loves, and I mean REALLY loves, it’s cats. So when a breeder at Triskel Maine Coon cattery in Quebec, Canada shared this adorable video of her getting seven kitties to move in unison by dangling a toy in front of them, the internet exploded with Aww’s. As an […]


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