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19 People Who Need To Leave Pinterest Behind Forever

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There are plenty of F-words associated with recreating Pinterest projects. Aside from the one we all start screaming when we screw up yet another batch of cupcakes, these come to mind: fun and failure. If you’re anything like me, your attempts at cranking out holiday-themed sweets and adorable scrapbooking feats often take a sharp left […]


20 Easter Fails That’ll Make Your Holiday Seem So Much Better

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Preparing for a holiday is fun, but sometimes, it’s overwhelmingly stressful. Making a meal for your family, decorating the house, and even coloring Easter eggs can be a little much…but don’t worry, some people have it way worse than you do. These Easter fails will make you realize that, hey, no one is perfect (so […]


24 People Who Really, Really Don’t Know How To Park Their Cars

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Let’s face it — we’ve all executed bad parking jobs at one point or another. I admit that I’ve parked a little over the line sometimes, but there’s a big difference between a slight misalignment and blatant idiocy. For example, I’ve had my driveway completely blocked by someone who decided that finding a spot anywhere […]


Fails That Not Only Hurt People’s Pride, But Definitely Their Bodies Too

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Martial artist and founder of aikido Morihei Ueshiba once said, “Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something.” We’ve all failed spectacularly in our lives — it’s what makes us human. But we can only imagine that these people learned not to ever fail in front of a camera again…well, that and […]


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