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CLASSY: Politico’s Marc Caputo attacks Mollie Hemingway, uses (then deletes) gay slur against Gabriel Malor

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So this happened … [email protected] journo @MarcACaputo uses a homophobic slur against one of the most decent guys I've ever met. Says it wasn't homophobic. SMDH. — Sister Toldjah (@sistertoldjah) August 16, 2017 // Yikes, right? Pretty awful. It all started when Marc Caputo of Politico basically called Mollie Hemingway a Nazi for this […]


can’t say how many O-care signups were previously uninsured

, ,!/gabrielmalor/status/454277937563709440 A whole lot of reporters should be asking that question this morning. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius testified today before the Senate Finance Committee. Fox News’ Peter Doocy shared some interesting little tidbits from the proceedings:!/pdoocy/status/454274774957424640 And she’s got the data to prove it! Or something:!/marklarsonradio/status/454277897490927616 Unfortunately, Sebelius was so busy collecting totes legit information […]


‘Seriously?’ Roll Call editor decries ‘unfair’ detention of Jose Antonio Vargas

, , , ,!/chelseagrunwald/status/489062150787186688 The news that illegal immigrant activist Jose Antonio Vargas has been detained at a Texas Border Patrol station is hitting some of his fellow “journalists” pretty hard. Roll Call’s editor in chief Christina Bellantoni is beside herself:!/cbellantoni/status/489059522250428417 Is that so?!/RockmanHalo/status/489061196864421889!/charlescwcooke/status/489060168223948800 Outrageous and “unfair,” apparently:!/TickedOffMic/status/489060903296307200!/HokieMBA00/status/489062740363726849 Bellantoni could use some perspective […]


SCOTUS unanimously overturns abortion clinic ‘buffer zones’; Left rages

, , , , , , , , , ,!/DecentFilms/status/482172069644599296 The Supreme Court ruled this morning that an expansive abortion clinic “buffer zone” in Massachusetts violated the First Amendment.!/SCOTUSblog/status/482170207088439296!/johngramlich/status/482168901598326784 Even at argument in January, the left-wing SCOTUS judges indicated that the Bay State regulation went too far.!/gabrielmalor/status/482168937980133376!/edmundsanders/status/482172247285964800 Here is the SCOTUS opinion, with no dissents:!/Legal_Times/status/482169722524299264 Pro-life activists gave thanks […]


New York Times report on chemical weapons in Iraq rekindles debate over WMDs

, , , , , , , , , ,!/exjon/status/522205969108197377 The New York Times’ tweet Tuesday night claiming that U.S. troops found thousands of chemical weapons during the Iraq War already has conservatives and liberals re-fighting that conflict on Twitter. During the Iraq War, U.S. troops found thousands of chemical weapons. The war's untold story: — The New York Times (@nytimes) October 15, […]


‘Where is the pink sneaker mafia?’ Wendy Davis now kinda backs 20-week abortion ban

, , , , ,!/GOPMommy/status/433619127358337024 That’s a rhetorical question, of course. State Senator Wendy Davis, who got famous for literally standing for abortion, now seems to be walking those pretty pink sneakers of hers backwards:!/lachlan/status/433617781125566464 Interesting.!/lachlan/status/433617926957318144 From “My concern, even in the way the 20-week ban was written in this particular bill, was that it didn’t […]


‘Dying’! SCOTUS’ Aereo ruling deals ‘Bill Clinton’ a devastating blow

, , , ,!/mooshakins/status/481803795517964288 This morning, the Supreme Court ruled against internet service Aereo:!/gabrielmalor/status/481802346817921024 From NBC News: Launched a year ago in New York and then extended to 10 other U.S. cities, it allows customers to watch over-the-air TV programs on a smartphone, tablet, or computer for as little as $8 a month. Selections can be viewed […]


‘Wait, what?’ Harry Reid reportedly ‘glad to get rid of’ released Taliban prisoners

, , ,!/JohnEkdahl/status/473898572581470208 Now would be a good time to remind you that Harry Reid is the Senate Majority Leader.!/kararowland/status/473898234969329664 Huh?!/gabrielmalor/status/473899844180774912 Reid definitely reached his expiration date a long time ago.!/cynicusprime/status/473899624193736704 That pretty much sums it up:!/FilmLadd/status/473899192604438529!/cynicusprime/status/473899242830823426!/BecketAdams/status/473898944452636672!/gabrielmalor/status/473899311936204801!/RBPundit/status/473901023065833472!/RBPundit/status/473901525631504384!/DonnyFerguson/status/473900278761418752 Read more:


‘This isn’t parody?’ Russia occupies Crimea, MSNBC spots race squirrel [pic]

, , ,!/UrbanAchievr/status/439469642755899392 Where oh where would we be without MSNBC to keep our priorities in check?!/lachlan/status/439469859278450689 That’s right. Amid reports of Russian troops in Crimea, the White House is putting out exercise videos, and MSNBC is focused on racism at the Oscars. Because of course:!/gabrielmalor/status/439470198987702272 No, sadly. It’s all too real. As is this: […]


‘Major trouble’: House GOP hopeful Carl DeMaio accused of sexual harassment [video]

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WTF just happened to Carl DeMaio on CNN just now. Wow. — Shira T. Center (@shiracenter) October 10, 2014 That was bizarre and.. graphic. Still processing. RT @shiracenter: WTF just happened to Carl DeMaio on CNN just now. Wow. — Noah Rothman (@NoahCRothman) October 10, 2014 Processing what, exactly? @NoahCRothman Don't leave us in suspense. […]


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