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What This Couple Did With This Once Ordinary Room is Just Awesome. Just Watch!

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When Reddit user and big-time gamer tarlske first got married, she and her husband had dreams of turning their basement space into a game room. But due to lack of funds they couldn’t quite make the cool space they had imagined until 5 years later. Then, it became the coolest, most Reddit approved room ever shown on the Internet. Let’s […]


This Takes Internet Addiction To A New Level Of Crazy. These People Need Help…LOL.

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In today’s world, it’s nearly impossible to go more than an hour with some sort of connection to the Internet. Computers, laptops, tablets, iPhones, everything… we’re always a click away from unlimited information and stupidity. So what happens when it goes from a part of life to an unhealthy obsession? This happens: 1. Never, ever […]


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