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Olivia Wilde asks what’s most holding back equality for women

, , , ,!/oliviawilde/status/431580406240927744 Bonus points to actress Olivia Wilde for allowing both friends and “haters” to take place in her latest informal Twitter poll, which asks what “most holds back justice and equality for women.”!/erinprovolone/status/431581443538845697 Not quite 10,000 … yet.!/lisakribs/status/431584258675994624!/JakeGard/status/431587870655004672!/FashionInformer/status/431580688018440192!/anh62950/status/431580541901897728!/nothingrevoked/status/431589159346528256!/khaltoto/status/431583247777030145!/mattcharest/status/431582711455956992!/brandon120/status/431580740115910657!/warriorgrrrl/status/431581193184632832!/ChelseaG89/status/431589986799194112!/tonio_bonehead/status/431584220000321536!/LotsOfLevi/status/431582722276859904!/wheelo28/status/431591971891982336 Hold on, now. […]


Remember The ‘Rosie The Riveter’ Image Pretty Much Everybody Knows? It's Not What You Might Think.

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There are icons of our culture that sometimes aren’t what they seem to be. Or maybe they evolve over time to become something else. Rosie the Riveter was somebody who made it into a popular song, the cover of a Saturday Evening Post, and the modern feminist movement. But like many things in our culture, […]


Humanity Has A Funny Way Of Erasing All Of The Moments In Women's History With Just 11 Letters

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This video sure has a good point about humanity’s baser instincts. Why can’t we overcome them? To be fair: Google apparently has worked to change their system to prevent these types of things from coming up in autocomplete. But it isn’t Google’s fault anyway; it’s more the popular opinion using Google for those searches. That […]


The Mirror That Changes The Way Women Look At Themselves — For The Better

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Ever take a glance at yourself and think something negative? Some of these women did — until a random mirror they were looking in started talking back. Read more:


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