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Google freaking people out with purchase of military robot developer

, , ,!/rainnwilson/status/412624864550191104 It probably doesn’t help matters that publications like Bloomberg Businessweek are announcing the news with headlines like, “Google Just Bought Some Really Creepy Military Robots.” Or that ABC News is announcing, “Google Buys Boston Dynamics, Gets a Bunch of Scary Robots.” It’s true, though, that Google has picked up another robotics company; this time, […]


The World Is A Weird Place, According To Google Earth. These 18 Images Are Awesome And Wrong.

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Google Earth changed the way humans explore the world. However, technology doesn’t always work as advertised. Google Earth will sometimes warp landscapes into interesting works of modern art. This type of glitching happens because of how Google Earth creates its images. The process is called texture mapping. It entails overlaying a flat satellite image with […]


Report: Ordinary Internet users outnumber foreigners in NSA interceptions

,!/themarkberman/status/485591723272572928 The Washington Post’s Mark Berman tweeted a story that ordinary Internet users far outnumber targeted foreign citizens in NSA interceptions. However, not all of the information collected was useless. The Post reports: Months of tracking communications across more than 50 alias accounts, the files show, led directly to the 2011 capture in Abbottabad of Muhammad Tahir […]


‘What is this, the Dark Ages?’ Tweetdeck goes down, massive freakout ensues

,!/mdrache/status/476768527811366912 TweetDeck users were just minding their own business, when suddenly, all hell broke loose:!/flyoverangel/status/476769197666467841 According to Gizmodo, the issue was “an XSS vulnerability that allows attackers to execute code remotely on your computer just by tweeting it out.” Here’s what that looks like:!/mikeBithell/status/476766169907875840!/DefuseSec/status/476753443734835200!/einfal/status/476769629067436032 TweetDeck claimed to have fixed the problem: […]


Google search fail sparks hilarious ‘David Frum Searches the Interweb’ mockery

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#DavidFrumSearchesTheInterweb: “long quote-contstrained phrases” “which have never been uttered” “yielding 0 hits” “means….?” @davidfrum — TRUMP IS A STATIST (@choosingfreedom) January 31, 2014 As we posted earlier, David Frum’s method for Google searching how many Fox News personalities they had let go for “offensive” comments left something to be desired. Twitter user @ChoosingFreedom has really […]


You Won’t Believe What Google Is Using To Map The Terrain Of The Desert.

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It seems nothing will be able to stop Google from documenting the world via their Google Maps Street View. The latest addition is a street level view of the Liwa Desert in Abu Dhabi. However, that’s not even the coolest part.  The company didn’t use Jeeps or backpackers to capture the landscape. Instead, Google decided to use […]


State Dept. wants hackers but feeling isn’t mutual

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This seems like a bad idea. "@StateDept: Hackers wanted! Coding skills? Join the Fishackathon." #listbuilding — Anonymous (@YourAnonNews) June 16, 2014 Heh. Suspicious hackers are suspicious. @StateDept and that's how the US Department of State rounded up all the cyber criminals in America. Have a nice day folks. — Lemon Logic (@JonEthan_Lemon) June 16, […]


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