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‘Ha! Best tweet of the day’ brutally nails lying Wendy Davis’ flavor of feminism

, , ,!/jtlucky1/status/425487326337179648 The generous Twitterverse helpfully blasted Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis for the differences between her fantasy bio and pesky reality. (Note to the media: Those are called “lies.”) You’ll see right away why this work of art was Instapundit’s tweet of the day.!/TheAnchoress/status/425467289115176960 Nailed. It. We’d consider proposing to Jon Gabriel’s tweet, but alas, […]


‘Why are you so full of crap?’ Progress TX tool drags Tea Party into smear against Abbott

, , ,!/lizbuddie/status/524346029005471746 Earlier today, the Wendy Davis campaign attempted to pain Greg Abbott as an enemy of interracial marriage — despite the fact that Abbott is married to a Latina. Well, Progress Texas deputy director Phillip Martin apparently decided that Team Wendy’s smear effort didn’t go far enough, so he graciously cast a wider net: Greg Abbott […]


You won’t believe what this shameful Texas Dem said at Wendy Davis event

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@BenHowe Shut up. That didn’t happen. — T. Becket Adams (@BecketAdams) October 28, 2014 Yes, it did. @BecketAdams @BenHowe Please tell me that's real….. — EducatédHillbilly (@RobProvince) October 28, 2014 Oh, yes, it’s real. And it is not spectacular: It is shameful and shameless. Check out what an oh-so-classy Dem state representative said at a […]


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