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Greta Van Susteren investigates ‘lone wolves,’ Brendan Tevlin murder

, , , , , , , ,!/CowboyKate49/status/525799262253101056 It was just Wednesday when demonstrators in Atlanta blocked traffic on I-85 and I-75 to keep the name of Ferguson, Mo., teen Mike Brown in the public consciousness. It’s a shame that the name Brendan Tevlin hasn’t received a fraction of the attention. Tevlin wasn’t killed by a policeman but by a lone wolf Islamist terrorist. […]


Dana Perino, Andrea Tantaros wish troops a happy Valentine’s Day [Vine]

, , ,!/jamesrlaney/status/434474770596655104 Andrea Tantaros and Dana Perino of “The Five” took a moment today to send a Valentine’s Day kiss to America’s troops.!/DanaPerino/status/434444467882696705!/JohnDone44/status/434478255609892864!/TyHo83/status/434477560198889472!/fjeich/status/434467259218554880!/bigmacalaska/status/434466382537699328!/CAidone/status/434465109272838144 Read more:


Jim Geraghty identifies our biggest ally in the Middle East [pic]

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@jimgeraghty I can haz weaponz? — Jason (@jasonhsv) September 10, 2014 In advance of the President’s speech tonight, Twitchy has been covering the discussion about who in the Middle East we are going to arm in the fight against ISIS. See ‘The new JV squad’? Obama reportedly wants to arm ‘moderate Syrian rebels’ and So, what’s the difference between […]


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