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‘Mess’: Hundreds of thousands may have to repay Obamacare subsidies

, ,!/OkieRim/status/478364997307748352 It turns out not all those Obamacare signups that the administration was crowing about went as smoothly as they told you.!/sarahkliff/status/478354801512968192!/cbinflux/status/478368164187615232!/BillEvansCT/status/478347902679392256!/CardsFanTX/status/478372252501544960!/hoyenpuertorico/status/478344409734733826!/RalphDkauf102/status/478373032008769536!/charlesornstein/status/478355626918445056 You think? *** Related ‘#HeadDesk’: SEIU’s proof of Obamacare’s affordability is that 85 percent need financial assistance ‘Not a joke’: Brit Hume calls Reuters’ absurd Obamacare spin […]


‘Incorrect promise’: Vacationing POTUS too busy to sign up for O-care himself

, , , , ,!/jpodhoretz/status/415200217731194880 Remember when Valerie Jarrett promised that President Obama would be signing up for Obamacare today? Shockah! That promise came with an important disclaimer: “To be taken with a squillion grains of salt.” You see, it was just a “symbolic” gesture:!/RBPundit/status/415199917519302657 Via Politico: In what an official acknowledged is a “symbolic” move since the […]


O-care exchanges: ‘Retweet if you’re excited to be covered’; Nothing ensues

, ,!/NYStateofHealth/status/418804903184969728 At the time this post was published, it has been almost seven hours since @NYStateofHealth sent out the “retweet if you’re covered” request. So far they’ve had two retweets. However, New York’s Obamacare exchange did hear about other things:!/XstaceeX/status/418810338742910976!/nearlynot/status/418814669348823042 Feel the excitement! The DC Obamacare exchange tweeted a similar request over four […]


Was today’s Obamacare deadline ‘glitch’ just a coincidence? You decide!

,!/HealthDotGov/status/450636378343084033 As Twitchy reported, today, on what’s supposed to be kinda-sorta the last day for Obamacare enrollment, went down. Now, given what we’ve seen so far from the Obama administration, it’s totally reasonable to dismiss this latest “glitch” as a product of gross incompetence. But some tweeters have another theory:!/RightGlockMom/status/450638134724685824!/b_keyser/status/450638228560048128 Stay tuned? *** […]


‘Just another anecdote’: Sen. Tom Coburn’s insurance no longer covers his cancer doc [video]

, , , , , ,!/FlakitohDR/status/428213550411030529 If you like your doctor … enjoy it while it lasts. Retiring Senator Tom Coburn, who has survived multiple bouts with cancer, is now battling a recurrence of prostate cancer. And thanks to Obamacare, his insurance no longer covers his oncologist. From The Washington Free Beacon: Obamacare’s working out exactly as planned. Holy crap! […]


Tone-deaf: Enroll America taps singing pets to sell Obamacare [video]

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Cute animals are singing about signing up for #Obamacare? WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SO?! #gamechanger — Daniel Wanke (@danielwanke) February 4, 2014 Still on the fence about signing up for Obamacare? This new ad campaign from the fine folks at Enroll America should change that: This video where cute animals try to get you to […]


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