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Having hijacked Thanksgiving, OFA continues to co-opt Christmas

, , ,!/carlsbadbugkil1/status/409410571461603328 Organizing for Action’s campaign to ruin everyone’s Thanksgiving dinner has passed, but there are still holidays to exploit. The group’s “Health Care for the Holidays” campaign is in full swing, and OFA hopes to keep everyone focused on health insurance this Christmas. People aren’t giving in so easily, though.!/JHWillson/status/409388807746641920!/conservbtfly/status/409389751083343872!/TheRickWilson/status/409391816254189569!/SundevilSal/status/409403111497678848 All […]


‘HAHAHAHA!’ Obama vows Obamacare laser focus; Swiftly spots Squirrel

, ,!/gabrielmalor/status/408020769458118656 That mad giggling was warranted. Because, look:!/nbcnightlynews/status/408018215093010432 Stop it!!/TheRickWilson/status/408022839682297856!/hale_razor/status/408023331468632064 Snort.!/TheRealPebo/status/408025871979520000 Gee, what a difference a day makes.!/NolteNC/status/408241536711663616 Yep, President Obama blathered on in a speech Wednesday morning.!/jbendery/status/408273731950084097 Uh. What happened to the laser-like Obamacare focus?!/SalenaZitoTrib/status/408269421107769344!/amylutz4/status/408273798568230912 And an exit win:!/derekahunter/status/408278999668756481 Read more:


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