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Pelosi says 9.5 million now covered thanks to O-care; Byron York has reality check

, , , , ,!/Steve_Jaye/status/450651452571021312 Nancy Pelosi is gushing today over an article in the LA Times:!/NancyPelosi/status/450650031679606784 Just last week, the Dems were rejoicing over a purported 6 million “enrollees.”!/PydePypper/status/450650783781228544 That’s quite a leap.!/ommfgr/status/450651700794122241!/winojanet/status/450651354550132736 Well, the Dems have made it quite clear that facts just aren’t important to them. But we’re open-minded. We’re willing to consider where […]


Twitter to Sandra Fluke: Hobby Lobby’s not ‘denying health coverage’

, , ,!/DLoesch/status/448173761074720768 The Supreme Court takes up the case of Hobby Lobby Tuesday. The Christian-owned craft store chain argues that it should not be legally forced to provide abortifacient contraceptives to employees in opposition to its owners’ religious beliefs. Or, as Sandra Fluke would put it, deny health coverage.!/RBPundit/status/448298991567273984!/MJ_Collinz/status/448295965431451649!/lancesalyers/status/448309305851543552!/mtgrove/status/448307383866249216!/mtgrove/status/448305956334882817!/donna_mosher/status/448305275045298176!/Skihasi/status/448303061836902400 Out of 20 FDA-approved contraceptives, […]


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