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So A Hedgehog Had To Get Anesthesia… And It’s By Far The Most Adorable Thing Ever.

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Before he could get his mouth examined, Benny the hedgehog needed some anesthesia. To ensure that he would inhale the gas, he was placed inside of a plastic chamber. If that conjures a troubling image, you’re not alone, but it’s actually quite cute. Benny looks so adorable when he’s resting in peace–wait, that made it sound […]


What This Baby Hedgehog Does Might Be The Cutest Thing In The Universe. Seriously.

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We all know hedgehogs are insanely cute, so what could possibly be cuter than a hedgehog? Well a baby hedgehog of course! But then that begs the question, what is cuter than a baby hedgehog? Simple, a baby hedgehog nibbling on and licking a finger, as proven by this totally adorable video below. As cute as that […]


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