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Looks like the ‘Duck Dynasty’ family had an awesome Christmas [photos]

, , , , , ,!/MissyDuckWife/status/415607711653314561 Many of the “Duck Dynasty” family members have Twitter accounts, and based on their tweets, it seems the A&E firestorm didn’t derail their Christmas at all. Sadie Robertson tweeted that “Papaw Phil finally gave Mamaw Kay a wedding ring for Christmas,” and the family’s tweets were brimming with love.!/bosshogswife/status/415782540377874433!/bosshogswife/status/415866321352409088!/bosshogswife/status/415949421642145792!/bosshogswife/status/416034286664687619 We […]


Check out the best Christmas trees on Twitter

, , , , , ,!/The_GovernorTWD/status/415286024764284928 And the Twitchy nominees for craziest, sexiest, coolest, crass-est Christmas trees on Twitter are … drumroll please…!/itvnews/status/415782826328334336!/TweetSmarter/status/414551682870046720!/YouScoop/status/415820147736072192!/TheNTNews/status/415692859929415680!/BBCAfrica/status/415734180094672896 Camp Taji, Iraq. God bless all our men and women in uniform who will be away from their families for the holidays.!/USArmy/status/413724525734682624 For the ladies:!/WhennBoys/status/414938565614002177 Thrifty!!/Catrina_Rawson/status/414148658372702208 Pokemon overload.!/AshKetchum151/status/413877004966957056 […]


‘Now that’s scary’! Jasper Perino gets Halloween makeover [Photoshop]

, , , , ,!/cjh1955/status/527926020150542336 Just when you thought it was safe to turn on your TV … #TheFive @DanaPerino Scary Halloween costume for Jasper — FiveFanPhotoshops (@FiveFanPS) October 30, 2014 Woof. @DanaPerino @FiveFanPS poor Jasper…dressed as Bob! — am (@am77933250) October 30, 2014 Thank goodness it’s only a Photoshop. But still. It’s frightening. @DanaPerino @FiveFanPS terrifying. — […]


Anti-birth crusader Wendy Davis celebrates her birthday; Unborn babies not so lucky

, , , , ,!/_KyleJacobson/status/467346177977884673 Bust out the party hats, guys! It’s Wendy Davis’ birthday!!/WendyDavisTexas/status/467311123490828288 “Nashville” star Connie Britton is psyched:!/conniebritton/status/467353161858965505 As is Planned Parenthood, of course:!/PPact/status/467318282287349760 Plenty of others think Wendy Davis’ birthday is pretty darn special, including Wendy herself.!/WendyDavisTexas/status/467345031494262785 Unfortunately, Davis and her cheerleaders seem to have forgotten that birthdays are supposed to be […]


Bill de Blasio forgoes ghost groundhog Halloween costume

, , , , , ,!/michaelwhitney/status/527263989190115329 New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio hosted a Halloween open house at Gracie Mansion Tuesday afternoon and made good on his promise to “possibly” be in costume. Could Bill DeBlasio have picked a more perfect costume? No. The answer is no — S.M (@redsteeze) October 28, 2014 @redsteeze Caesar or Poseidon? — Tyler […]


The top ten horrible Halloween costumes that aren’t Ray Rice

, , , , , ,!/atalantapendrag/status/526950893347172352 Nowadays if someone sees a bad Halloween costume, it’s going to end up on internet. Halloween is still a few days away and we’ve already found some really bad costume ideas on Twitter.  10. The “Invisible Pedestrian” This is the worst costume. It unofficial name is "the invisible pedestrian". @badservice911 — Trevor Kelly (@TrevorKelly6) […]


‘5 million women just melted’ over John Stamos’ Halloween costume [photo]

, , , , , ,!/jaymekeally/status/527930407183196160 We’ll say he can! But see for yourselves: My Halloween costume this year. #lazycostume — John Stamos (@JohnStamos) October 30, 2014 Everywhere you look … the ladies are swooning: @JohnStamos #Long Live #Uncle Jesse — Cheryl Jackson (@RangerSweetie29) October 30, 2014 @johnstamos Perfect! 🙂 — Eszty (@EsztyMorgan) October 30, 2014 @JohnStamos omg!! — THANK […]


TSA couldn’t wait ’til Christmas to open your wrapped presents [photos]

, , , ,

Just found out @TSA unwrapped all the Christmas presents in my luggage now I know where the Grinch works. — Audrey Knox (@audreyknox) December 24, 2013 Pretty sure I just wrapped an assload of presents for nothing. From what I'm reading, the TSA isn't fond of wrapped gifts… — Samantha Hayden (@samhaydenb) December 24, 2013 […]


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