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This Is The Most Sick And Twisted Thing I’ve Seen In A While. Fortunately, We’re Killing It.

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A demented trend that some senseless people are doing has recently surfaced… and it’ll make you sick to your stomach. If you haven’t noticed yet, many people are obsessed with their smart phones. Not only that, but they love to take pictures of themselves (known as “selfies”). Via Instagram and Twitter, it was discovered that […]


Beneath These Streets, There’s A Community That Will Shock You To Your Core. Unbelievable.

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Beneath the busy streets of Bucharest, Romania’s capital, is an underground society full of outcasts and addicts. They began seeking shelter in the sewers nearly two decades ago, after the fall of Communism. Now, this strange and literally underground community has bonded together to become a family. They are led by a man, covered in chains, […]


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