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This Incredibly Kind Woman Is On A Mission To Hug As Many Soldiers As She Can.

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Elizabeth Laird is known as The Hug Lady by the soldiers of Ft. Hoof in Killeen, Texas, and for good reason. This kind woman attends every single deployment and homecoming at the army base with one purpose: to hug every soldier going to or returning from war. It all began back in 2003, after a […]


Soccer Player Runs Into The Stands To Hug His Grandma After Scoring A Goal.

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Some people forget about the important things in life when they become famous. But for Roma striker Alessandro Florenzi? He knows exactly who is important in life. He celebrated after scoring a goal by jumping a barrier and rushing into the stands to embrace his grandmother, who was crying tears of joy. It was nana’s first time […]


After Being Separated For 9 Months, A Mother And Her Son Have An Epic Reunion.

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Military protocol was no match for one little boy’s love for his mom during an emotional family reunion. Kathryn Waldvogel waited patiently in line for dismissal after serving nine months in Afghanistan with the National Guard’s 114th Transportation Company. Her 3-year-old son Cooper, however, couldn’t wait to be in her arms. As the soldiers waited […]


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