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Which Is More Complicated, The ENTIRE Internet, Or One Child's Brain?

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The Internet is very young as a form of human interaction. It’s still in a phase of rapid growth and change. If the Internet were a human being, it would be a toddler. Both the Web and children are hugely shaped by our actions as adults. This means that, just as with a developing child’s […]


He And His Friends Wanted Some Beer, So They Asked A Homeless Guy To Buy It. Then Came The Message.

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Ben Grenrock has struggled with chronic depression, but he’s lucky to have a supportive family and access to the treatment he needs. This compelling story draws attention to all the young people who aren’t nearly as lucky as Ben. Read more:


Here's How Something That Happened In 539 B.C. Has Everything To Do With How We Live Our Lives Today

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The topic seems simple, yet as you can see here, sometimes it’s hard to put into words. Human rights are extremely important, and they apply to every single one of us. Let’s have this conversation about the rights we are all entitled to have. Read more:


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