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Hateful hypocrisy: Progs slam ‘thoughts and prayers’ except when it’s convenient

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As Twitchy told you, progs are having a lot of fun dismissing conservatives’ “thoughts and prayers” tweets in the wake of today’s deadly mass shooting in San Bernardino. Here are just a few choice samples: HuffPo’s Sam Stein also joined in: Oh? Geez. Stein really can’t stand the idea of people praying for victims, can […]


‘Sounds about right’: Benghazi Committee Dems blasted probe’s cost while reportedly handing out bonuses

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Harry Reid said fairly recently that the RNC should reimburse taxpayers for costs related to the Benghazi Committee’s investigation, but congressional Dems didn’t seem to object to other related expenses: From Fox News: Democrats on the House committee probing the 2012 Benghazi terror attacks awarded tens of thousands of dollars in bonuses to their staff, […]


Democratic senators to file amicus brief against Hobby Lobby

, , , ,!/lizcgoodwin/status/428000066818023425 According to Yahoo News, 19 Democratic senators will file a “friend of the court” brief with the United States Supreme Court Tuesday, siding with the Obama administration against the owners of Hobby Lobby. The 19 senators—all of whom voted for the popular RFRA [Religious Freedom Restoration Act] in 1993—argue that the law’s religious protections […]


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