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Neighbors Were Shocked When They Found An Actual Dungeon Beneath Their Building

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Police in Philadelphia thought they had seen it all…until they came across a case so messed up that they could only describe it as “pure evil.” Back in 2015, Linda Weston was named as the ringleader of a horrific crime conspiracy in which four mentally disabled people were found locked in a basement dungeon, one […]


The Note This Killer Left At The Scene Will Make Your Blood Run Cold

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Perhaps the only thing creepier than a crime scene with no clues…is one with a clue that the killer wants to be found. Last month, police discovered the bodies of a married couple in their San Jose home, both shot to death. As if that wasn’t terrible enough, the killer allegedly left not one but […]


Fundraising pages for Darren Wilson suspended after raising $400,000

, , , , , , , , ,!/ChrisCuomo/status/506884968820510721 We’ll let go for now CNN anchor Chris Cuomo’s query if donating to a fund for Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson makes one a racist. More worthy of investigation is why two fundraising pages for Officer Wilson were suspended on Saturday.!/WesleyLowery/status/506908717062029312 Several media outlets have picked up the story, but one fact isn’t in […]


Edited undercover video (of pork processor) sparks disgust

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According to the Washington Post, an undercover video shot at a pork processing plant by a member of the group Compassion Over Killing has led the USDA to “aggressively investigate” the “appalling and completely unacceptable” actions depicted in the video. By law, reports the Washington Post,”pigs are supposed to be rendered unconscious before being killed, […]


Italian Woman Sentenced To 30 Years For Killing Her Son — Wait Until You Hear Why

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These Facial Reconstructions Of Unidentified Bodies Are Mildly Disturbing

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At any given time, there are around 40,000 deceased bodies in America that have yet to be identified. While law enforcement officers and crime scene investigators work tirelessly to nail down their identities, many of these bodies go unidentified for years on end. One technique that seems to do a pretty good job is the […]


Clinic where Joan Rivers stopped breathing now under investigation

, , , ,!/Manning_FoxNews/status/507607249166954496!/WSJbreakingnews/status/507641508187881473 The Wall Street Journal reports:!/CNN/status/507620349261795328!/NBCNews/status/507612829579370496!/mr_caroline/status/507620675306016769 Routine? Read more:


For Some Odd Reason, Disembodied Feet Keep Washing Ashore In Canada

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A family was recently walking along Botanical Beach on Vancouver Island when they found a shoe that had washed ashore. Upon further inspection, however, they realized that there was a foot inside. Oddly enough, this is the 13th disembodied foot found on the shores of British Columbia since 2007, but authorities insist that there isn’t […]


DOJ obstructs, impedes IRS targeting investigation; Issa subpeonas

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so #obama is still obstructing @DarrellIssa great #irs #DOJ #benghazi #p2 #tcot — ChampionoftheTissue (@FJ473) May 20, 2014 Somebody fetch Elijah Cummings’ antacids. Congressman Darrell Issa took to social media to document the DOJ’s refusal to cooperate with the investigation into the IRS targeting groups based on partisan politics. The most transparent administration in history is […]


Bergdahl platoonmate says he hasn’t been interviewed in Army investigation

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Folks. Cody Full, Bergdahl's platoon mate, says neither he nor the others have been contacted for the probe. — Gabriel Malor (@gabrielmalor) July 15, 2014 As Twitchy reported earlier today, the U.S. Army stunned many by returning former Taliban prisoner and alleged deserter Bowe Bergdahl to active duty. More stunning is that members of Bergdahl’s […]


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